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About Us

Action IT is a highly experienced IT services company specialising in supporting small and medium businesses of 5 to 20 employees.We have been hugely successful in ‘owning and managing’ the IT environments of a large number of businesses, at a much cheaper cost and greater business benefits, than traditional in-house IT support.

Our motto is “Service, Service, Service”.

Who We Are

We live and breathe “Service” in everything we do for you.


We provide a fully-managed & outsourced IT service to SME businesses of all industry sectors, including retail, manufacturing, financial services, wholesalers & resellers, marine services, medical sector and many more.


We believe in doing an outstanding job for you, at all times, from understanding your business needs right from the start, to designing & implementing the right solution for you using a fresh, impartial & independent perspective, to managing and keeping your IT system secure for you with maximum uptime & performance on an ongoing basis.


We are located in Central Auckland and cover the Auckland and suburbs regions with excellent levels of responsiveness, minutes away from our customers – we are there as soon as you need us to be.


We bring the full power of IT to be a key enabler to your business success, using the tried & tested technology of today as well as leading edge innovation to enable your investment to be scalable, future-proof, dynamic and truly aligned with your business environment and your long term objectives.

Action IT Ltd. was formed as part of a re-branding and business transformation initiative in August 2010.


Formerly known as Gist Computing since 2006, an independent IT support company in Auckland, with Simon du Toit as the main owner and principal. Gist has operated very successfully for 4 years, growing steadily with a loyal customer base, high customer satisfaction and a solid reputation in the SME market. This phenomenal business growth has been achieved despite the recession of the last 3 years primarily because, unlike most other IT service providers, Action IT focuses purely on your individual business environment, tailors specific and impartial technology support systems for you and put “service” first in everything we do for you. 


Action IT is based in Central Auckland, has a full & growing team of passionate & supportive staff, with a growing number of businesses seeking IT support.

Company history

Why Action IT is the right fit for you?

We do IT so well, 90% of our new customers are from referrals from other satisfied customers.


We empower you to make the right IT decisions, independently and impartially.


We make IT simple for you.


We check your site proactively every day to ensure the maximum uptime & security of your systems.


We are incredibly thorough, leave no lose ends, and complete every job to your complete satisfaction.


We create stability for you in a constantly changing technological environment.


We offer you market competitive pricing in line with the size of your business.


We supply you with simple, clear, detailed billing of our services at all times.


We are there for you when you need us to be.

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