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Save yourself the impact of prolonged IT system downtime, as well as engineer callout costs, by having Action IT remotely diagnose your computer issue for you.

As long as you have internet connectivity, Action IT can help you to:


Troubleshoot your computer problem remotely


Help you diagnose the issue properly and quickly


Even fix it for you there and then


Save you the impact of adverse downtime to your business, as well as the cost of an engineer having to come to your location for the diagnosis and the repairs.

How does it work?

The Remote Session is:


Conducted by an Action IT engineer


Entirely secure, so you do not need to worry about security breaches to your IT systems


Not dependent on your physical location as long as you have internet connectivity to your machine where you are


Very interactive in nature, enabling you to both see and comment on what is being diagnosed and performed for you.


It’s like we are there in person with you

By allowing Action IT access to your IT systems remotely, we can:


Perform a fast and efficient diagnosis of your issue and, if possible, resolve it immediately


Conduct a more comprehensive and deeper system overview to identify any root cause,  issues or faulty hardware


Work with you to review the Terms & Conditions of your hardware warranty and liaise with the manufacturers and other delegated IT spares vendors quickly for preventative fixes, thereby avoiding you bigger and more costly downtime and business impacts in the near future


Perform and end-to-end systems ‘maintenance’ and make overall recommendations on the health of your entire systems.

For a faster, more cost-effective professional approach to resolving your immediate IT issues – Action IT!

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