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Migrating your server to a new one seamlessly with no impact to your business operations and no loss of data.


We start by accurately designing your migration plan with a full understanding of your systems, processes and IT environment to make sure all components are comprehensively captured, and nothing is left out when the new servers are live.


As IT systems have to be offline during migrations, we work outside of your business hours so that when you get to work the next day, you are on a new system – seamlessly and with no disruption to your business.


For businesses operating 24/7, we perform parallel builds, meaning we build the new server system in parallel to your existing one, then migrate & test at a pre-agreed time. In the likelihood of unexpected faults or issues, the IT systems can always be reverted back to the existing system, to ensure no loss of productivity and minimal business distruption.

Action IT uses a tried & tested IT project management discipline to plan, execute and test all server migrations

Here’s how:


  • Mapping your business processes and your IT system environment comprehensively

  • The domain name and Active Directory are not changed

  • New server has the same name and IP address as the old one

  • Existing production server remains online and unchanged during configuration of the new server and can be reverted back if anything unexpected occurs

  • Step-wise planned stepped migration from the original server to the new server with thorough testing at each step

  • Very little or no changes required at workstation level, as we do not change user profiles or UNC paths, therefore workstations don't need to be reconfigured

  • We look at system efficiency improvements to implement in your server environment

  • We use IT project management discipline from start to finish

  • We offer tailor-fit maintenance, monitoring & support management services to ‘own’ your new IT systems so they continually perform to the best of their abilities for you.

Whether you are upgrading your legacy server, or changing office location, we support you with guaranteed minimal or no disruption & downtime.

For your seamless server migration, enhanced systems performance with no impact to your business operations – Action IT!

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