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Computer system hardware and software rarely fails, but when it does, unless resolved quickly, it has the tendency to cause downtime in your business that can seriously and negatively impact productivity, customer service, sales, revenue and morale as well as increasing your costs.

Hard disk failures

Software corruption

Motherboard or components failures

Power supply failures

Virus and malware infections

Profile corruption

Server component failures

Computer processing running slowly for most applications in general

How Action IT can help you immediately with your IT repairs now

Being located in Central Auckland, we are literally minutes from your location.


We have extensive experience in all IT systems hardware and software issues.


We have a highly responsive team that will try to do a diagnosis of your fault remotely by phone or (if we are monitoring your system remotely) by logging in and doing some preliminary troubleshooting so the root cause(s) can be identified as quickly as possible, minimising your system downtime.


We deal with IT hardware and software manufacturers all the time and can quickly check the warranty status of your parts so they can be ordered as a matter of urgency.

How Action IT can monitor and manage it all for you on an ongoing basis under a simple, flexible and cost-effective maintenance contract

With IT environments now being the backbone of business for most, if not all, businesses, we have tailored our Maintenance Service accordingly – as a preventative and proactive essential service to your business:


We work in close collaboration with you to understand your business processes, applications and tools, as well as your current business needs and future strategic objectives before tailoring a support/maintenance contract for you. 


Our Maintenance Contracts are specifically designed for small and medium businesses to be highly cost-effective, simple, flexible and fully-managed in nature.


They give you the peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is being constantly monitored for security threats, performance issues, potential hardware and software faults at all times.


You get the best performance, uptime and value from your IT investments at all times.


We tend to find out about faults and contact you or your staff sometimes even before you become aware of the issues.


As your business changes in dynamics with growth, number of users, more locations or relocations, we work proactively with you to plan for your business support systems to be ready in time so there are minimal disruptions to your business.


Our preventative maintenance regularly monitors, checks and recommends replacements before they fail and cause consequent impacts to your business.


We are your ‘own IT Team’ at a much cheaper cost giving you the complete peace of mind to focus on YOUR business.

For ‘your own’ highly responsive IT team that puts “Service” at the forefront of everything it does for you – Action IT!

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