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Have your company information at your fingertips at ALL times, even after major ‘data loss events’.

We ensure your business critical data and intellectual property are regularly backed-up so you do not lose any information vital to your business (E.g.: emails, MS Exchange data, MS Office files, remote users data, etc).


We perform regular monitoring and checks to make sure your data integrity remains secure and readily avalilable to you whenever you need it.


Having a safe, secure and readily accessible back-up system for your business at all times need not be an expensive 'insurance' for you.

Your information could be more valuable than the hardware that stores it.

We have all experienced IT systems failure at one point or another, causing major loss of productivity from staff and sometimes customer dissatisfaction and even consequent loss of revenue.


These systems ‘loss events’ can be triggered by:


  • hard disk failure;

  • virus infection;

  • burglary;

  • accidental deletion, etc.

With Action IT’s Support Plans, your back-up systems are checked for you on a daily basis, seamlessly, giving you complete peace of mind.


Your lost or corrupted data can be restored very quickly, even after full disasters like theft or flooding or fire.


Our pricing is simple, affordable and tailored for your business needs.

For your guaranteed peace of mind at all times - Action IT!

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