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In today’s business world, email (Electronic Mail) is one of the most vital and commonly used communication tools. So much so that there are virtually no businesses out there, irrespective of size, location, type or industry sector, which do not actively communicate via email on a daily basis.

Whether you are communicating with your clients, your staff, your vendors or your target market:


  • Email is fast, efficient, very widely used and is today’s & tomorrow’s accepted formal means of business communications by everyone

  • It allows more effective means of sharing documents with staff and with external parties

  • It is hugely more cost-efficient compared to the traditional paper-based memos, letters and printed documents

  • It allows communications within milliseconds to anywhere on the globe

  • It allows you to quickly and cheaply focus the marketing strategy of your business to your targeted market demographic

  • It has a much lower carbon footprint for a more environmentally-friendly business identity

Action IT uses a tried & tested IT project management discipline to plan, execute and test all server migrations

For the most effective, cost-efficient and secure email system that suits YOUR business needs – Action IT!

Action IT also offers you a SECURE EMAIL solution with specialised Email Spam filtering, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus services to maintain the security and integrity of your business information and preventing harmful system ‘infections’.


Most security breaches through viruses and malware have been occurred and spread via business email systems.


Action IT offers you the added security of filtering all potentially harmful email attachments BEFORE they arrive in your business environment.

Action IT has successfully designed and implemented many email systems for small and medium businesses, managing the entire set-up process for you end-to-end, from concept to ‘Go Live’, including the key customisation aspects to make your email individual to your business identity with your own domain names, enabling you to professionally stand out more with respect to your existing and new customers.

We design the most appropriate email system based on your current & future business needs so you get the full benefits right from the start.

We ensure that your emails are backed up and stored securely so there is no loss of vital business data (in cases when order requirements need to be re-confirmed, or historical data need to be re-assessed, etc).



We recommend the use of the tried & tested Microsoft Small Business Server, which unlike the generic email services offered by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), provide you with the added flexibility and benefits of:


  • Accessing to your mailbox using multiple types of devices (laptop or desktop or smart phone) and having the same information

  • Connecting to your mailbox from anywhere there is an internet connection, using Outlook Anywhere, when you are on the move

  • Using a web browser to access your mailbox with Outlook Web Access

  • Sharing your mailbox with your nominated people so that your emails can be appropriately managed during your absence

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