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Action IT can protect the integrity of your IT systems and business information against unauthorised access, malware, spyware and viruses without slowing your systems performance or reducing your staff productivity.

Securing the protection of your vital business systems, processes and information at all times.

Getting the balance right: 

The firewall is one of the cornerstones underpinning the security of your IT network. It is vital to get the balance right – allowing the right level of access to your staff so they can perform their functions to the best of their abilities, whilst at the same time ensuring protection against unauthorised users, harmful programmes and spyware that could potentially seriously jeopardise the performance of your systems, as well as putting your company information and confidential data at serious risk.  


Protecting your technology investment and the integrity of your business information: 

Action IT has a range of security products and services specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized businesses enabling your staff to operate in a secure and sound IT environment at all times, include remote access users.


Proactive remote protection for greater peace of mind: 

Our remote monitoring service allows us to monitor the potential threats to your IT systems and put remedial measures in place before any damages are caused. It allows us to manage virus outbreaks on your behalf, quarantine infected files and even shut down some devices until full system functionality is fully restored. We also regularly audit and update your systems with the latest antivirus software.


Reducing your costs while improving your systems performance and staff productivity: 

The exponential increase in spam has caused a huge cost and performance burden to IT systems around the world – increased internet usages costs, server overloading, decrease in productivity from staff, etc. At Action IT, we can ensure your emails are filtered from spam, viruses, spyware and malware before they hit your inbox.

For your end-to-end system integrity and protection without compromising on performance and productivity – Action IT!

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