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Proactive not Reactive

Action IT firmly believes that prevention can be far better than cure when it comes to your systems and information availability.


At Action IT, we actively monitor and analyse server reports and identify potential issues BEFORE they occur, allowing us to put remedial actions in place that enable your systems to be running all day and everyday.


We ensure your hardware always runs at optimum levels of efficiency to give your business the best possible performance from your systems.


We tailor our solution for your individual business needs and remotely monitor your traffic and storage needs to ensure high levels of performance  even during peak usage periods.

We look after your systems end-to-end and are "your own IT team".

Our solution for you is easily scalable to meet your anticipated business growth - your IT systems grows when you grow.


We offer you a proactive remote support service that ensures all your IT systems are up and running to their best performance levels - all all times.


Let your IT systems be your true business-enabler with no downtime!

For your proactive and seamless support at all times - Action IT!

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